What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is a method of marketing online that is considered to spread like a virus with more and more people hearing about your company and products. The specific way in which viral marketing is done can vary but the main idea is to get an increasing spread of your marketing message as others get hold of your advertising and pass it on.

Some Methods of Viral Marketing

Using this definition of viral marketing we have a number of marketing tools at our disposal that use viral marketing techniques. One way is to create an e-book or piece of software with your advertising message in it and then allow people to pass this on. As they share your program or e-book with their friends, customers or family so your marketing message spreads and more people will visit your website.

Sharing links on social network websites can also be considered a means of viral marketing, especially once others start sharing those links because they have seen their friends sharing it.

Why Viral Marketing is Effective

Viral marketing is effective because it greatly increases your marketing reach without paying any more for this. You may pay for the initial creation of an e-book or piece of software or some initial advertising but then people take this and spread it further without you having to pay them anything for it. You can develop a large viral marketing network without having to pay a huge sales staff and get equal, if not more, benefit.

Marketing Tips

When using this form of advertising you want to ensure that you create something that is going to be worth passing along to others. If you opt for an e-book or piece of software to give away and encourage others to give away then you need to ensure it is of good quality with useful information and well written.

Websites that contain plenty of good information or contain some amusing or entertaining element are a lot more likely to be used in viral marketing than plain sales pages where there is nothing to attract the visitor to pass it on.

Carefully plan your viral marketing campaigns and ensure that you give your visitors something worth distributing in order to get more advertising for your website and more customers.


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