3 Dimension Media’s Web Development Services integrates the vital aspects to create a strong and lasting presence on the World Wide Web; services  include incubating, planning, organising, creating, implementing our web development strategies and techniques and all relevant aspects of building and maintaining an effective website

Our web development services are strategically planned to deliver dynamic applications that will not only meet but exceed the ever increasing business demands and that of the web. The combination of our technologically advanced development tools, innovative strategies and efficient development experts enables us to develop simple applications as well as very complex scripts. This proficiency ensures that the solutions we develop are effective and relevant to our clients requirements and expectations. 3 Dimension Media experience and innovative ideas enables us to reinforce your online presence with the assistance of multiple language, database and state-of-the-art programming. Our knowledgeable staff have years of industry experience and are familiar with the standard CMS systems and the various open source CMS systems including Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress. We will develop your web portal and ensure that it is 100% search engine friendly so that you can derive maximum benefit from the World Wide Web.

3 Dimension Media Web Development Process

Analysis and Research:

Our web development process begins with  comprehensive research to gain an understanding of the company, its competitors and relevant target market. Our experienced web developers analyse the business requirements and objectives the client in addition to researching competitor sites for comparison so that the web design can have the edge.

Planning and Designing:

The research findings are used to conceptualise and plan the design while keeping in mind the relevant details to create a unique, user friendly website that is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate.

Testing and Implementing:

When the website design is completed it is tested to reassess viability before the implementation process begins.
Our comprehensive web development process ensures that your requirements are provided for in the best possible manner; we customise our services to serve your needs and your website will no doubt reflect your business attitude and brand.











You wished for it and we’ve granted it

WordPress is the highest and the most versatile Internet publishing platform with special emphasis on web measures and usability. It is employed by over 300 of the 10,000 reputed websites and is therefore the most popular blog software in the world today. Released in the year 2003 it is presently being utilised by more than 202 million websites worldwide.

One of the most attractive features of WordPress is it’s integrated link management which is a search engine-friendly, clean permalink structure that has the ability to assign nested multiple categories to articles and support for tagging of posts and articles. It also includes automatic filters that provide for proper initialising and styling of text in articles. In addition WordPress supports the Trackback and Pingback standards for exhibiting links to other websites that are linked to a post or article.

Keeping these factors of efficiency and standards in mind 3 Dimension Media also utilises WordPress as a blog publishing tool for top results. WordPress supports plug-ins which customises the functionality of an application allowing users and developers to extend its functionality beyond the features that come as part of the fundamental installation without slowing down your website. The unique functionality of WordPress won two Open Source CMS awards in 2007 and 2009 respectively. These features are indicative of the credibility of this software for delivering the most dependable outcomes.


Let your business stand out from the crowd with our custom system development solutions

We believe that every website is unique and that it should be provided with efficient system development. We offer a customised solution that will make your website more dynamic and visitor friendly thereby enhancing your global footprint. Technological advancement is key to achieving greatness with your website design and at 3 Dimension Media we have the technological edge and expertise to catapult your website into the world wide web affording you the opportunity to grow your market share. Generate Website applications with better competence and specificity

Customised devices allow companies to generate applications with better competencies and specificity, instinctively producing complex code and rationalising the progression process. 3 Dimensional Media utilises a collection of open frame application infrastructure software that offer a system whereby applications are swiftly incorporated, as well as a custom system progress environment that offers superior efficiency and compliance.

Our Developers are highly proficient with standard interfaces such as .NET, Java, Java messaging, XML and Web services, including the Open Edge background. We manage your day to day requirements and diligently work towards providing you with an end-to-end customised solution so that the software can deliver exactly what the company wants. An efficient system development is central for the company’s growth in the longer term as every operation is significant and any errors can potentially ruin the company’s expansion prospects hence we specialise in developing user specific packages that will immediately impact your business functions and deliver results.


When you have established your company website it is imperative to ensure that you update it regularly so that the information remains relevant in terms of happenings in your business environment. The online world is dynamic and your company website must strive to meet the demands of the global network. 3 Dimension Media is positioned to assist you to develop an incredible and exclusive customised CMS specifically designed to meet your business objectives and online aspirations.

Our professional team understand that every business set up and corresponding website has the goal of achieving success in mind hence they will explore various applications to obtain the desired results. Our basic service offering includes managing and updating the website content, supporting images and relevant details however, we are able to serve our clients in terms of their specific requirements such as providing customisation for specific elements of their website or for the entire website. 3 Dimension Media strives to maintain websites that are easy to navigate and user friendly to visitors who access the World Wide Web.

3 Dimension Media will assist you to refine your niche in the highly competitive world by:

We will identify the best CMS solution thereby relieving you of the burden and stress associated with choosing, implementing and supporting your website. Our creative in-house team have a proven track record of achieving excellent results and we are confident that we will exceed your expectations in this regard.

Our philosophy is to deliver a superior quality service and execute our projects with complete commitment so that our end product meets the quality assurance standards that we promise to all our clients


Written in PHP, Drupal is more than just an open source Content Management System (CMS). Rather, it is a complete social publishing system and the most effective development platform that helps web designers and developers to build and deploy extremely functional dynamic websites and web applications. Drupal can be used to make incredibly complex sites, corporate websites, social networking sites, e-commerce stores, newsletter signups, corporate intranet and document management systems, job portals, alumni websites, podcasting and much more to achieve and deliver more than you may have ever imagined on a far less cost than you might think of.

Drupal has various built-in features and hundreds of off the shelf best Drupal modules to offer you an affordable solution to meet your online needs, to actually help you accomplish almost anything you need to add to your website in order to make a rock solid foundation for building, managing, and growing your web presence. Drupal Content Management System is an ideal solution for websites that are rich in content and experience a lot of user community activity.

We at 3 Dimension Media, deliver Drupal based web development services of any complexity to help you make a website according to your specific needs. From the beginning of your installation process through application development and ongoing maintenance, we have the ability to provide you the support required to ensure the success of your valuable project. Our various Drupal services include:

Just choose the style and theme for your website and contact us to deliver you the most excellent and prompt service through powerful features of Drupal CMS.


Joomla is one of the most popular, advanced and powerful open source Content Management Systems (CMS). It may not be easy to use initially but it brings endless possibilities that make it easy for you to manage the content of your website in an effective and efficient manner. Joomla is freely available under GPL license and it can be used to develop a whole range of solutions from simple websites to complex corporate solutions and applications like - E-commerce/online shopping cart, Showcase/catalogue, Forum/message boards, Guest book, Help desk/support desk, Extended user level access, Newsletter with subscribe and unsubscribe facilities, Chat room and more.

Joomla has the potential to be extended (because of the availability of endless amounts of extensions to enhance its basic functionality) and it is the perfect fit for those clients who need specialised functionality and Joomla has a strong online support community (with over 200,000 community users) that provide help to developers who are in building solutions. It is also very easy and convenient for the end-user to add or edit content, update images, and manage the critical data in a Joomla based website thereby making is beneficial to the company and the customer.

3 Dimension Media provides customers with several customised Joomla website designing and development services to enhance their expediency and flexibility to manage a website on their own. We have expertise in developing a customised web portal using Joomla and required Joomla extensions to cater the requirements of your content management system crucial for your business. Our various Joomla services include:

Take the first step, choose the style and theme for your website then contact us at 3 Dimension Media to deliver the best of Joomla web development services at an affordable price


Now E business volunteers for an advanced and elevated new era PHP programming language formulated on open source e-commerce software package which actively endorses induction of modules through a web based interface easily approachable from the site of installation. This facilitates multiple uses and beneficial features which not only include all of the features of Oscommerce but also additional features including shipping estimator in shopping cart without the need to login, deserted shopping cart coverage, meliorated order emails, SEO URLs and meta tags, order editing etc which consequently means more business. Launched on 31st March, 2008 by Varien, Magento is licensed under the Academic Free License version 3.0 and provides reliable and efficient development services to the company.

The availability of the graphically pleasing and easy to customize magento at 3 Dimension Media helps you broaden your spectroscope with efficient and brighter potentialities which are sure to allure your customers and leave them asking for more. We help you to upgrade your website from Oscommerce to magento which makes it more sophisticated customizing it intensely more from your Oscommerce store based on your specific needs and requirements. At 3 Dimension Media we upgrade the Oscommerce store to magneto first on a test server to give you the glimpse of the actual output before the upgradation is complete which clearly affirms your decision to upgrade.


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