The world of internet marketing requires a strong online presence and a visually stimulating and alluring website. 3 Dimension Media is committed to ensuring a website design that meets these requirements in an innovative and user friendly manner. We combine state-of-the-art technology and customer oriented web resources to produce a creatively designed website that projects your company's persona, standards and aspirations meaningfully and effectively.

We concentrate our efforts to successfully develop, promote and market your website so that your company establishes its niche and online presence in addition to building goodwill among customers. In spite of the complex functional demands, we painstakingly combine effective web design strategies and techniques to produce premium quality, mission centric websites which seamlessly bridge the gap between the user and technology.

Regardless of the size of your company, our dynamic team will strive to effectively communicate your messages, products and services to your target market thereby assisting you to establish your company brand in the industry. Our experienced web designers will work with you, listening, understanding and converting your ideas into a visual reality thereby designing your website so that it accurately reflects your vision.

Whether you require an entire new format and layout for your website or want to redesign and accentuate your current website's online presence, our esteemed professionals will combine the necessary elements to meet your needs. Our refreshing approach, creative design and graphic design solutions will convert your ordinary website into a breathtaking website that will give you the edge and contribute to greater return on investment. Contact us today and afford us the opportunity to convert your websites into a powerful business tool.



A logo that is well designed is a powerful tool to represent your company's profile, establish a strong brand identity and to establish a competitive edge within the industry. At 3 Dimension Media, we convert your brand identity and messaging into a compelling and interactive logo design that is representative of your company's philosophy and attitude.

Customized and Innovative Logo Designs

Competition is rife across all industries therefore it is imperative that companies make a lasting impression in the minds of their targeted customers. This can be achieved with a company logo design that is innovative, relevant, effective and appeals to customers. 3 Dimension Media specialises in conceptualizing, designing and creating relevant and appealing logo’s for a variety of businesses worldwide.

We are aware of the varying design requirements among different companies therefore our logo design service is customised to meet individual requirements. Our innovative logo’s are the perfect combination of colour, text and symbols which are complementary and designed to form a lasting impression in the minds of the various target markets.

Cost Effective Logo Designs

3 Dimension Media provides relevant and unique logo designs at cost effective prices. Whatever the size of your business and irrespective of your budget, our team of logo design experts are always on hand and willing to provide you with the most exclusive logo designs that will enhance your brand identity in addition to communicating the most effective company message.

Premium Quality Logo Designs

3 Dimension Media delivers quality workmanship, on time and while ensuring that the client’s needs are met. The end-to-end logo design process is carried out by our team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to converting your winning ideas into effective logo designs.


Logo Design


Brochure Design


Newsletter Design


Graphic Design



3 Dimension Media provides a complete solution for all your brochure designing needs! We will take your ideas at inception through incubation, planning, conceptualising and design to creating an unique and exclusive eye catching brochure. Our services at every step of the way will be efficient and professional.

Brochure Designing

Brochures lead your marketing efforts and care must be taken to ensure that they meet your marketing objectives. It goes without saying that the design is critical and is best left to the our team of professional, creative, innovative and experienced designers. 3 Dimension Media’s design team is geared towards meeting the marketing needs of corporate and individual clients irrespective of their size.

Multi-disciplinary staff to Convert Your Messages into Attractive Brochures

Our experienced, skilful and creative team includes graphic designers, marketing experts, illustrators and SEO copy writers who thoroughly research the market demands and customers’ mindsets; incubate ideas and test concepts before designing contemporary brochures that have a global appeal that excites customers and persuades them to act. A perfect layout effectively combines the marketing concept, graphic design, logo design and content to create a relevant, memorable and informative brochure that will entice the customer.

Innovative Brochure Designing at Affordable Prices

3 Dimension Media’s brochure design service offering is cost effective and custom made to target your individual requirements.


The chief responsibility of a company is to maintain contact with its customers through communication initiatives. A newsletter programme can be an effective communication and marketing tool. The company’s website only has a few seconds to capture the attention of a visitor before they are gone forever. The first glimpse of the website is vital and it’s appearance should eye-catching, original and invoke curiosity so that the customer remains interested and keen to learn more about the product or service offering. It is this kind of customer interest that the company wants to attract, maintain and grow to encourage sales, establish and strengthen the brand therefore a sound marketing strategy is vital.

The newsletter design and content must be powerful enough to impact the readership, not to meet but to exceed their expectations. Newsletters are a tool whereby interested guests email addresses can be pooled and converted into buyers. 3 Dimension Media understands that a newsletter is an invaluable medium for keeping in touch with your customers and expressing appreciation for their continued support.

Our service excellence will help you achieve results above the mark

While many companies prefer utilising the services of standard reputable newsletter printing companies who can provide noteworthy newsletters, we at 3 Dimension Media are aware about strategies for compiling such newsletters however, we are well positioned to add value by can helping you to publicise an edgy communiqué that shares your company’s latest achievements and product information in a conversational, consistent and creative copy. We pride ourselves in our ability to compile newsletters with a complementary design and content that will positively influence your readership. 3 Dimension Media manages the newsletter from concept to print as our handpicked writers are among the industry’s best and our graphic designers can craft designs that are best suited to your unique requirements. Our newsletter design is consistently formatted to ensure a balanced layout with creatively applied colours and graphics while relying on relevant content that appeals to the readership. E-newsletter subscribers expect to receive concise, relevant information and we will assist you in providing just that.

We provide for your individual requirements

At 3 Dimension Media we do our utmost to provide customised designs that effectively highlights your company’s strengths so that it makes an impact in the mind of every reader. Our newsletters can be easily downloaded and viewed through all kinds of e-mailing options such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, MSN amongst others.

3 Dimension Media will design a tailor made application to suit your needs regardless of the size of your company. If you do not want your company newsletter to go directly to the reader’s SPAM/JUNK folders contact us today for a complete solution.


Elevate the success rate of your business with Graphic Design of 3 Dimension Media

Every business organization dreams about reaching the highest peak of success and carving a niche for their business entity. With the Graphic Design service of the 3 Dimension Media you can convert this dream into a reality and enhance your brand image immensely. We accentuate your website and transform it from being a dull and ordinary website into an attractive and eye catching one.

Our expert professional graphic designers are apt at incubating, planning and designing the most effective and alluring corporate identity designs, brochures, logos, catalogs and so on which will catch the attention of your prospective customers and will impress them in the first look itself.

With the advent of internet, business organizations are vastly utilizing myriads of benefits of the online mode for their business promotion and advertising. With millions of searches performed everyday and the availability of competitive products and services, luring your prospective customers towards your website and company is not an easy task. Therefore, 3 Dimension Media furnishes the most beneficial and adequate graphic design services which will not only increase your client base but will also fetch you loyal customers.

When your prospective customers are lured to your website and browse through it to explore the services and products that you offer, a well created and enticing catalogs can work wonders for you and enlighten your customers in the best possible manner about your products and services. With years of experience, rigorous training and immense skills, the graphic designers of 3 Dimension Media custom design your catalogs, brochures and other marketing collaterals which perfectly compliment your marketing goals. All the marketing collaterals designed and created are the perfect amalgamation of color, quality, appropriate layout, images and content. Just avail the graphic design service of 3 Dimension Media and elevate your business success!


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