Video Marketing with Social Video Sharing

Most people have watched something on YouTube and thousands visit this website on a daily basis. YouTube is also a form of social media marketing known as social video sharing and involves the user posting videos to the site and then others can comment on the videos, like them, etc. As an internet marketer, this is a good website to include in your internet marketing arsenal.

Planning Your Video Marketing Campaign

Once you have decided to use video in your internet marketing, the next question is how? You need to plan your video marketing campaign.

Firstly, you need to give the viewer useful information or something interesting that they will enjoy watching and that relates to your website in some way. Think of it like an article presented in person. The more people enjoy the content of your video, the more likely they will be to visit your website.

You also need to ensure that by the end of the video the viewer knows your website address and can remember it easily so that they can enter it into their browser and go and visit. Some ways you may want to do this is by having a sign up behind you or the presenter of your video showing your website address while you speak; have a portion at the bottom of the screen with your website address on it throughout the video; spell the website address out during the video (perhaps a few times), etc.

Creating a Professional Video - or a Video Contest

If you have the right equipment and are confident in your video creation capabilities then you may want to create your own professional video for video marketing but even if you don't there are ways of getting round this and still getting a good video for marketing purposes - by running a contest.

If you feel that you would get better results if someone else made the video but do not have the budget to pay someone to make the video for you, consider running a contest where you offer the best video a small prize. You can determine what is going to be the criteria for the winner - whether it is the one you like best, whether it is the one that receives the most views, the most likes, etc. Using views and likes to get results encourages the participants to pass the video link onto their friends so getting you more advertising at the same time.

Getting People to Know About Your Videos

Putting your videos onto YouTube will already bring in some traffic - especially if you already have a channel with a few friends but there are still other ways you can extend the reach of your videos and get more people to view them.

One way is by embedding your YouTube videos into your website so that people can watch them on your website as well as on YouTube. Also embed them into your social content sharing pages and link to them from Facebook and social networking websites.

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular and you can either create your own videos, pay someone to make them for you or run a video creation contest where people need to make a video promoting your website. Once you have a good video then start to distribute it and work on others - always ensuring that your web address is clearly visible or indicated on each video to send people to your website.


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