Using Press Releases to Promote Your Business Online

Press release marketing is similar to article marketing in that both include writing articles; the difference is that press releases need to include more news and current event type of topics as opposed to generally informative articles. Examples of press releases may be the launch of a new online business, an online business expanding into new products or new areas, change of management, etc.

Finding Newsworthy Topics for Your Online Press Releases

The first step in beginning to write press releases to promote your business online is to find topics that are newsworthy to write about. What is happening in your online business right now? Have you just launched and put up a new website - that is news. Has your online business just started promoting a new product? Have you just changed management or got new staff? All of these items make good topics for online press releases.

Another option is to find newsworthy topics in your industry to comment on. What important events are taking place in your industry right now? Do you have something to contribute on this topic?

Press Releases and Search Engine Optimization

As with article marketing you should also ensure that your press releases are correctly search engine optimized by doing your keyword research and including relevant keywords to the right density in your press release.

Avoid Hard Sales

Press releases are not the place to sell. By selling in your press release you will actually decrease the value of the release because people will see through what you are trying to do. Instead, give people some contact details of where they can get more information at the end of the release and then once they visit your website for more information you can also sell to them there.

Write in the Third Person

Especially if you are writing a press release for your own company it should be written in the third person so that it appears more authoritative and not just like you are showing off some achievement of your company.

Distributing Your Press Releases

Once you have written your press release it is time to distribute it. Try to get your release out to as many websites that will accept it as possible to improve your search engine optimization and chances of it getting found by potential customers.

Press releases are a good way to get more traffic to your website, both through direct marketing as well as through improved search engine optimization results. Make sure your release is properly search engine optimized and that it is written in a third person voice and with authority on a topic that is of current interest to your target market.


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