Search Engine Optimization for Wordpress Blogs

When it comes to blog marketing the most popular blogging tools are Wordpress and Blogger. Wordpress has many different plug ins available that can help to improve your search engine optimization plus there are other things you can do with a simple Wordpress installation to improve your search engine results.

Wordpress Links Suitable for Search Engine Optimization

Before you write your very first post you should ensure that your Wordpress installation is set up in such a way that will help you with search engine optimization and the place to start is with your permalink structure. Simply having a page or post number is not going to do anything for search engine optimization and so you should instead use permalinks that make use of the post title somewhere in the link. Your post title can then include your keyword terms which will be picked up by the search engines and so you improve your Wordpress search engine optimization.

All-in-One SEO for Wordpress

When it comes to plug ins for Wordpress one of the best in terms of search engine optimization is the All in One SEO plug in which enables you to add meta tags to your posts and customize these. Once you have installed and activated All-in-One SEO you will see each time you write a post that below the post editor there is a section for meta tags - keywords, description, title, etc. Be sure to fill these in for each post so that search engines will have valid information for each post you write and that they can be easily indexed by the search engines.

Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps (or any other sitemap generator) is another excellent tool to add to your search engine optimization toolkit for Wordpress. It allows you to create a sitemap, re-create it each time you update your site and then notify Google and other search engines of these updates. Submitting a sitemap to Google helps ensure that they find your blog and that it gets indexed. As soon as you have your first posts ready then set up a sitemap using this plug in and submit it to Google and allow the plug in to notify Google whenever you make any changes or update your blog.

SEO Tool - Keyword Density Checker

Keyword optimization is an important part of search engine optimization and part of this is getting the correct keyword density. This Wordpress plug in will check your keyword density for different keyword terms as you write so you can know how you are doing in terms of keyword optimization. It also looks for keyword terms of two or three words long to assist with long tail keyword optimization.

Make your blog marketing even more effective by ensuring that your Wordpress blog is properly search engine optimized using plug ins and changing your permalink structure to be more search engine friendly.


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