RSS - What is It and How It Can Benefit Your Internet Marketing

RSS, or real simple syndication, is often used for blogs or websites that are regularly updated and enables your visitors to subscribe to your updates in the form of an RSS feed which can be read from their feed readers. RSS can have a number of benefits for your internet marketing.

What is RSS?

RSS or feeds are usually programmed using XML or ATOM protocol. When you advertise your RSS feed people will be able to subscribe to it and then receive your feed updates in a feed reader that can be thought of similar to an email program.

Keep Visitors Returning to Your Website with RSS Feeds

The first way in which RSS is useful for internet marketing is that it can keep your visitors coming back to your website once they have subscribed to your feed. Your feed should update them about any new articles you have on your website or other news that they can find out more about by visiting your website again. The feed acts as a teaser letting them know what is there and hopefully will make them want to know more so that they visit your website to get the full story.

RSS Directories

Having an RSS feed also opens up another form of internet marketing - RSS directories. Submitting your feed to RSS directories means that you not only just promote your feed to people already visiting your website but can spread it further and get more people visiting your website because of your RSS feed updates.

RSS Feeds can be published on Other Sites

When you have a RSS feed you may also find that you can include it on your social networking sites and other sites; and other people may also pick it up and publish it on their sites giving a link back to your site.

The easiest way to start an RSS feed is to use your blog as both Wordpress and Blogger have in-built RSS features which are automatically part of the blogging process. Should you choose to though it may be included on other websites. Then advertise it to your visitors and spread it using RSS directories and publishing on other websites. Update your website regularly and keep visitors returning.


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