Joint Venture Marketing Online

Whether you are a new online business or well-established with a large marketing budget, online joint ventures can benefit your company and the size of the joint venture can be scaled to meet your needs.

What is Joint Venture Marketing?

Joint venture marketing involves exchanging advertising with another website owner and can be done in a number of different ways including JV giveaway websites, link swaps, list swaps and more. Both parties will need to get relatively equal benefit from the venture so for the smaller party this may involve some degree of financial input but will still be cheaper than many other forms of marketing.

Joint Venture Link Swaps

One of the simplest joint ventures you can enter into is to swap links with another website owner that targets a similar market to what you are targeting. They then display your link on their website and you display your link on their website.

JV Giveaway Websites

Another popular joint venture online is joint venture giveaway websites. These websites involve sharing a product you have rights to in order to build your email list. Each contributor then advertises the one site and you benefit from their advertising of the site as well as your own as people see and download your product. To get even more benefit from these sites you should give away a high quality product with give away rights and encourage others to pass it on so it also becomes a viral marketing mechanism.

List Swaps

Although actual swapping of lists is not considered legal in terms of the internet there is another way in which website owners swap lists that is legal and that is by sending out an email for another website owner in exchange for that website owner doing the same to their list. You benefit from the relationship that this website owner has with their list while advertising your products to them and vice versa.

More Complicated Joint Ventures

There are many other forms of joint ventures and they can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Some website owners have created quite complex joint business ventures where virtually everything in the business is divided between the two parties. Although most new website owners won't want to start this complicated it is possible to grow to this level.

To start working with joint ventures a good idea would be to create a product you can give away on JV giveaway websites - there are always plenty of these websites around and you can usually sign up for free and get automatically accepted (although you may need to have some sign ups in order for people to see your product.) Also look for websites you can create a link swap with. As your business grows and you do a few more basic joint ventures then you can start to think about the more complex ventures.


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