How to Use Twitter to Get More Traffic to Your Website

Everybody is talking about Twitter these days but why should you use Twitter? This website is very popular people can get to see your tweets, but it is also very easy to maintain and when you combine this with the power of automation there really is no reason why you shouldn't use it to get more traffic to your website.

What is Twitter and How Do You Use It?

Twitter is a social networking website and micro-blogging tool combined. It allows you to post short, 140 character updates on your profile page and then people who are following you can see these updates and you will also be able to see the updates of people you are following.

Writing Effective Tweets

The short updates posted on Twitter are known as tweets. Due to the fact that you are only given a short space to update you need to ensure that your tweets are effective and get the results you want. This does not mean hard selling! When posting updates you want to ensure that you are giving people useful information that they will want to know more about. From there they can click through to your website and learn more and hopefully purchase your products or services.

Use Automation to Update Regularly

Despite the fact that it literally takes a minute or two to update your Twitter profile it can be easy to let slip in the rush of everything else happening in your business and so it is important to learn to use Twitter automation tools. Here you may choose to use other websites and third-party applications or you may create your own Twitter automation script on your website. A popular Twitter tool that helps make things easier is, other tools include HootSuite, Twaitter and CoTweet.

Making Friends and Followers

An important part of marketing with Twitter is making friends and getting followers. You can add people who are related to your type of business and they will hopefully follow you back. Another tool that is useful is where you follow a few people and then advertise the site and this can work to exponentially grow your Twitter following using viral marketing techniques. The more people you have following you, the more people will see your updates and so the more effective they will be.

Twitter is a powerful social media marketing tool that is very popular today and can bring plenty of good quality traffic to your website. To ensure that this works for you be sure to update with interesting tweets regularly and build a large following of people who will see your updates. Use the tools available to improve your Twitter marketing or create your own.


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