How to Run an Effective Pay per Click Marketing Campaign

Pay per click marketing is an effective and cost-efficient form of marketing that allows you to only pay for people who click through to your website. If you learn how to run effective pay per click marketing campaigns then you can get the most of this technique and ensure that the people who click through are the ones who are truly interested and then compel them to take some action.

Start Your Pay per Click Marketing Campaign with Good Keyword Research

As with many other forms of internet marketing, good pay per click marketing is dependent on doing thorough keyword research beforehand. When you optimize your landing page and ads for the keywords people are searching for related to your product or service you not only ensure the people that you can meet their needs but you can also help reduce your PPC costs.

Creating an Effective Landing Page

Your PPC advertising campaign actually shouldnt begin with your ad but with the landing page itself. Firstly, ensure your landing page is correctly optimized for the keywords you want to target in order to lower your costs, improve organic search engine optimization and give the people what they are looking for.

Another important point when designing your landing page is that ideally you should use it as a squeeze page give something away for free in exchange for people's email addresses. Although this may not make you immediate money, it does allow you to keep in contact with people until they eventually do buy and considering that most people need to see something seven times or more before they buy this is very important.

Your PPC Ad

Once you have your landing page and have done your keyword research it is time to create the PPC ad. This ad should target the same keywords you optimized your landing page for and found in your research. You should also include some of these keywords in your ad copy to assure people that your website will be what they were looking for.

Another thing to consider when creating your PPC ad is who you dont want to click on your ad. Some people will actually lose you money by clicking on your ad if they actually dont want your product or if you do not deliver to their area, etc. Try to include some negative qualifier that will let people know if they are not going to buy from your website. Although this will mean a decline in the amount of traffic you receive, it also means that you will be paying less in advertising costs for more targeted traffic.

As with all advertising your pay per click marketing campaign should also include some features and benefits that let the reader know what you are offering and why they need it.

Testing Your Pay per Click Marketing Campaign

Once your landing page and ads are published it is important to test the results you get. Try running two slightly different ads or pages side by side to see which bring in the best results and then make changes accordingly. Test out different keywords and see what works. Always test and track everything and make changes as you find things work better.

Running an effective pay per click marketing campaign involves creating a good landing page and ad based on keyword research you have done and then testing to ensure you get the best results.


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