How to Get the Most from Your Article Marketing Campaign

Article marketing has been around for a number of years and is well known for the excellent results it can bring both in terms of directly getting traffic to your website as well as improving search engine optimization. The way you write articles, the information you include and where you distribute them will have a huge effect on the success of your article marketing campaign.

Article Marketing Demands Quality Articles

The debate amongst article marketers may be to focus on quality or quantity but if you really want to see success it cant be an either/or situation but you need to focus on both quality articles as well as quantity. Writing loads of articles that no one is ever going to read due to poor quality writing is no better than not writing at all. You should always ensure that your articles have useful information, are interesting to read and that they are well written. If you do not write English well then rather pay a first language English writer to write your articles then try and write poorly worded articles yourself.

Keyword Optimization

Writing good quality articles is a mix of writing for your audience and providing them with useful information as well as writing for the search engines to ensure that people find your articles. This means that in addition to information packed articles written with correct grammar you also want to ensure that your articles are keyword optimized. Do your keyword research to determine what keywords will work best for your topic keywords that have relatively high search volumes compared to low competition; and then include these a number of times through your articles, in bold near the top of the article and in the header.

Your Resource Box

The main selling point in article marketing is the resource box. Your main article should contain mainly useful information and very little, if any, sales. Your resource box is the opposite you want to tell people who wrote this article, what their website URL is and give them a compelling reason to visit the website. Giving something away often works or if you cant do this then tell the reader what else they can get by visiting your website more information or a compelling reason to choose your product.

Article Distribution

Another key to article marketing is where you distribute your articles. Some article directories will push you up the search engine rankings without much effort on your part, whereas others won't help your search engine rankings at all and do not attract many visitors for direct traffic to your website either. The best article directories are those that have a high page rank (such as or or social content sharing websites such as Hub Pages.

Making Your Articles Interactive

If you are using social content sharing websites to distribute your articles then it is also important to allow some interaction on the page. Include polls, comment walls, etc. that enable the visitor to share something on your page whether it is their answer to a question or some comment regarding what you have written.

Article marketing requires writing plenty of good quality articles that attract the reader and then send them onto your web page through your resource box. Use websites such as, or social content sharing websites to distribute your articles.


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