How to Build Your Email List

List building is an important part of internet marketing but it needs to be done correctly. Here are a few tips on how you can build your email list legally and effectively.

Build Your Email List with a Squeeze Page

The first thing you need if you want to build an email list legally is a squeeze page. A page where you encourage your visitors to give you their email address (subscribe to your newsletter) in exchange for something they deem to be of equal or greater value (such as a free e-book or piece of software). They then fill in a form, receive what you have promised and you get their email address which you can then email.

Use JV Giveaway Websites

A tool that many internet marketers have found useful in building their email list is joint venture giveaway websites. Instead of just offering the freebie from your squeeze page, advertise it on these sites and others will help to promote it and so add more people to your list. People then go from the JV giveaway website to your squeeze page where they sign up for the freebie and you receive their email address.

Allow People to Pass Your Newsletters On

If you write interesting newsletters with plenty of real news or information then encourage people to pass these on to their friends who they think may find it useful and include a link to sign up to the newsletter themselves if they received it via a friend. This becomes a form of viral marketing.

Promote Your Squeeze Page Everywhere

Instead of just promoting your main website, promote your squeeze page in article marketing, social media and anywhere else you can so that it is the first thing people see and they are encouraged to give you their email address before continuing to your main website.

Building an email list allows you to keep in contact with customers and potential customers until they purchase your products and services. In order to do this correctly you need a squeeze page where you collect people?s email addresses and something to give them in exchange. Then promote this everywhere, including JV giveaway websites and encourage others to pass on your newsletter with an option for their friends to sign up themselves.


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