Doing Your Online Market Research

All businesses need to do market research to determine who their customers are and what their needs and desires are. In the past market research has been done primarily offline but with the increase in online business it has become increasingly important to do online market research. Here are some techniques you can use to do this research online.

Keyword Research as a Form of Online Market Research

Keyword research is often mentioned apart from market research but can actually be thought of as a form of market research as it helps you understand what terms your target market is searching for and therefore the best way of approaching them. Keyword research can be done with tools such as Google Adwords keyword tool and After you have done this you will be in a better position to find your target market and have them find you.

Online Surveys

Another way tool many businesses use to do online market research is online surveys. You can either choose to use a third party online survey website or create a survey on your own website for people to complete when they land there. The advantage of using a third party website is that you may reach people who have not seen your website whereas putting it on your website will be biased towards people who have already landed on your website.

Forum Research

Another way to conduct online market research is to take part in forums related to your products and services. This will help to show you what people are looking for and give you a better understanding of your target market.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool in many ways and one of these is online market research. Find social groups, pages and people interested in your products and services using social media websites and see what people are discussing here and how these could relate to your business.

Conducting online market research is important for the success of your online business and should be done thoroughly and using a number of different tools such as keyword tools, online surveys, forums and social media. Use these tools to get to know your target market, what they are looking for and how best you can approach them with your products and services.


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